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January 13th- February 1st

Join us live Mon-Fri from noon-1pm


-Pray for those who don’t know Jesus

-Pray for God to teach us how to hear Him more

-Pray for the needs of others and for eyes to see the needs around us

-Pray for leaders in our church, community, country, and the world

-Pray for passion and hunger to ignite for more of God and the filling of the Holy Spirit

-Pray for God to show us His dreams for ourselves, families, and the kingdom

-Pray for our local churches


What is Fasting?
Spiritual Fasting is the act of setting aside activities or reducing the intake of food and replacing these activities or meal times by reading the Bible, praying, and spending time with the Lord.

Types of Fasts:

Full Fast: A full fast is completely abstaining from all food. During this fast, only liquids are allowed.

Partial Fast: This type of fast involves skipping a specific meal every day or refraining from certain types of foods.

Daniel Fast: Coming from the experiences of Daniel, the Daniel fast involves refraining from meat, sweets, dairy and bread and only eating fruits and vegetables. Water and juice are allowed on the Daniel fast.

Esther Fast: The Esther fast is completely abstaining from food from dawn to dusk.

Media Fast: The media fast involves giving up a social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) or Television (Hulu, Netflix, etc.)

Service Times
Services 9:15 | 11:00

Lifegroups & LG Student Ministries 7pm
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